What. A. Day.

At what point in the day does one look at the day’s events and just think, “Well, I think I’ll just go back to bed…”? Because that seems like the kind of day I’ve had. From the ridiculous morning commute featuring drivers that can only be described with four-letter words of which my mom would not approve, a found hole in a favorite cardigan, and the complete annihilation of my DVR, it seems that the universe (or what have you) has been increasingly determined to tell me I should not have left my bed this morning.

eye roll for dayssss

eye roll for dayssss

There were some small respites, though, from my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, which are probably owed some thanks.


The first “thank you” is reserved for the nice Sephora cast member (yes, that is what they call their employees, I googled it).

Let me tell you, one reader from Vermont, the struggle to find auburn color eyebrow pencils is about as real as it can get. I recognize that that may be the most first-world-y, white girl problem sentence I have ever written, but it’s true. Now, my sister’s eyebrow game is strong (don’t tell her I said that), but my eyebrow game is not. YouTube and Pinterest are filled with beautiful, brunette and blond women with the entire eyebrow makeup world at their feet. Little do most of them know that I, and many other redheads like me, are faced with the dilemma of getting a product that’s a tad too brown and looking like Peter Gallagher fresh from his coma.

Yeah, I know I look good.

Yeah, I know I look good.

So I found myself at the mall this afternoon for the soon-mentioned second reason, and thought I’d stop in Sephora to see what they had. Short story? Nothing I was willing to risk on this ill-fated Monday, but I did talk to one of the cast members (so weird saying it) about my vampire porcelain skin. “She went in for eyebrow pencils and asked about foundation?” I know, just go with me here.

Did you know that they have a device called Skin ID, where they will literally scan parts of your face and match it to a Pantone-esque swatch? Well, now you know. Today I found out that I’m so pale, that my Skin ID is 1Y01. That’s Pantone for “find the lightest shade, and it’ll still be too dark.” The whole process though was very interesting. They scanned my face, uploaded the ID number, and up popped a list of popular foundations that match my swatch. I was even able to email it to myself for future reference.

Most of their foundations (ok- all of their foundations) where a little pricey for my budget, but let me tell you, they have some good customer service at that Sephora. There was something extremely pleasant about their cast members (still weird) going to great lengths to scan my face and show me how see-through I was. There also seems to be something empowering about knowing what shade of foundation truly matches your skin tone, whether you fork over the cash or not. I recommend trying it, it’ll at least make you feel a little Sasha Fierce.

Well, maybe a little less Sasha Fierce...

Well, maybe a little less Sasha Fierce…


Second “thank you”- my “thank you” to my mom.


So a couple weeks back, my apartment had a little run-in with some bugs. Long story short, it was awful. I could not even stay in my apartment. So my parents, being the awesome people they are, let me stay on their couch for a couple days to regain my sanity. So the reason I found myself at the mall this afternoon was for a secret trip to James Avery to buy her a cute little charm to add to her bracelet. It’s a cute little house and they call it “Home Sweet Home,” a little way to say thanks for making me feel at home even when my home is about 5 minutes away.

It all worked out great, too. of course they wrapped it and I got a cute card and surprised her with it. I don’t mean to brag, but she loved it. Though, in hindsight, I kind of got her an errand, since she’ll have to take her bracelet in to get the charm added. Oops. Well, when she reads this part of the post (hi, mom), then she’ll realize this too and send me on the errand instead. Problem solved. (Oh, and my bug problem is solved too, just for the record)

Now, I’m not very good at giving advice apart from movie and TV recommendations, but if someone were to ask me my bad-day cure, I’d probably sum it up like this:

1. AC/DC Pandora Radio to rage dance your problems away

I can't explain why this helps, it just does

I can’t explain why this helps, it just does

2. Treat yo self (even if it’s just an ice cream or something)


3. Do something nice for someone else

And watch them make this face

And watch them make this face

Trust me, all three of these have been road tested by me on more than one occasion, and they really do work. If I had to narrow it down to the most important one, it’d be number three, for sure. Just finding a way to do a nice thing for someone else, like complimenting a stranger on their awesome leopard shoes, for example, will make you feel much better. Their face lights up, you’re able to step out of your problems for a bit, it all works in your favor.


So I guess this day wasn’t a complete waste. And hey, I even got a blog post out of it. It had nothing to do with TV or movies, but oh well. My blog, my rules.


Besides, it might be for the best, since I lost all of my DVR recordings 😦



‘Til next time!